Romanti is a company specializing in the export of italian products of hight quality, in particular wines, olive oils and confectionery, coming from areas of the country renowned for their traditional produce, such as Tuscany and the Veneto. Among the range of products we handle and that we are convinced would be of interest to consumers in your country are the famous Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, a red wine from the hills of the Tuscan province of Siena, and the equally famous Prosecco, a white wine from the Valdobbiadene. bicchiere di vino veduta panforte grappolo d'uva scorcio palio di siena bottiglie di vino gattavecchi via di siena confezione cantucci vigneto toscano stemma araldico di siena panforte veduta cantina panoramica montepulciano antica pittura